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Real estate for sale in Harrisburg, IL 62946 (Saline County)


Community characteristics

These are distinctive characteristics that have a strong influence on this area.

  • Influenced by Local Colleges

Climate and weatherCrimeEmployment and financePopulation DemographicsRecent Home Sales

Climate and weather gives you a meaningful look at Harrisburg, IL 62946’s weather patterns and risks. Average high/low temperatures
are shown for January and July. Weather risk provides you with a percentage of the national average (100) for select environmental
events. A score of 50 would be half the national average, while a score of 200 would be double the national average.

Temperature (degrees F)
Average Temperatures

Average Yearly Rainfall: 45.07’
National Average: 38.64’

Weather risk
Weather Risk

All data derived from public sources and strategic partnerships.