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Best Mortgage Rates and Tools Home Buyers Guide

Welcome to the home buyers guide on On you can find location information such as school ratings, crime, weather, local businesses and much more, making the research phase of buying a home a snap!

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Did you know you has agents ready to help you with your purchase?
Find a property, request a viewing and an agent will be happy to help you find the perfect house.

Step 1 - Get Pre-qualified

This may seem like putting the cart before the horse, but if you think of buying a home as a financial decision, it only makes sense to know what your budget is going to be before falling in love with a house you can't afford, and turning your financial decision into an emotional one. So if you ignore all other advice on this page, please do this first and save yourself (and your agent) the pain down the road. Use our Mortgage Information page to get the process started.

Step 2 - Do Your Homework

Sit down and figure out what's important to you. Make a list of your 'needs' vs your 'wants'. Again, try to be practical and view this purchase as a financial decision. Think about 3-10 years down the road. Will your family be expanding, contracting, will you go from 2 incomes down to 1? There are many unique variables that you should be considering when looking to buy a home, so go on, do your homework, you'll thank us later!

Step 3 - Start Your Search

Now that you know how much you can afford and what your needs are, you're ready to start the fun part - searching for your home. Here on you can search the local MLS board, gather information on schools, crime, weather, local businesses and much more. is a one-stop-shop in helping you find your next home.

Step 4 - Find An Agent

So you've found the perfect house on-line... Now what? Well can help you with that too. We have real estate agents all across the country that work to service our buyers - so once you've found the home you want to go see, fill out a viewing request on that property detail page and one of our real estate agents will be in touch to schedule an appointment. They are also able to help you find other homes that may meet your needs, so don't be shy, ask them for help, it's what they're there for.