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Agents, is Looking for YOU!

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Come join the most progressive model in real estate!

If you want to earn more, have the best technology and enjoy the flexibility of working for yourself, than you belong on the team. If you're really independent and want to build your brand and office in your local area check out the License Opportunity with Spots are limited in every area and are on a first come, first serve basis.

Real estate is evolving into a more technical and complicated marketing profession, and what we have found is that many agents are having a hard time keeping up with all of these changes AND selling homes on top of it. off-loads the technology, SEO, marketing and social media from the agent so they can focus on selling, while we focus on everything else.

There are several reasons to join the team, but here are the top few we hear over and over from our agents on why they chose us.

  1. I get to keep more of the money I earned
  2. I have less out of pocket expenses
  3. handles the technology, SEO, PPC, Social Networking and educate me on what tools are useful, and which are just a waste of time and money
  4. I get Leads! The mobile lead delivery system is awesome.

If you are interested in talking to us about joining the team, contact us and we'll be happy to sit down and answer all of your questions.

License Opportunity

Interested in leveraging all of our tools, but want to keep your brand. No problem. Drop us a line and get information on becoming licensing our technology and building your brokerage into the most technical real estate office in your area. Contact Us to find out more information on becoming the top brokerage agents want to join in your area.